Walter Jacobs

Walter Jacobs

Walter Jacobs is the security guard for the Museum, employed or hired by the professor. He is seemingly scared of almost anything sharp, ominous, slightly intimidating or not-so-modern - sometimes even his own shadow.

He repeatedly stumbles onto the effects of the many spells Tut-Ankh-En-Set-Amun uses, or even Tutenstein himself, but either is so deeply scared of it he freaks out a little, and forgets it, or thinks it is just a dream.

A relatively lousy security guard, this is possibly the greatest reason that Tut has not gotten into trouble - but Walter is under endless troubling, by Tutenstein, the Professor, and otherwise.

At one point, Tutenstein read a scroll, the Scroll of Thoth, causing Walter's intelligence to literally skyrocket, and he essentially could speak and teach about anything in the museum, which eventually angered Thoth - and deeply annoyed Behdety, since he effectively was put away from the center of attention - completely. The effect was however reversed later on, returning Walter to his normal, semi-useless self.

Relations and other people

Horace Behdety: His employer, which more than once berates Walter for his more than obvious stupidity. 

Tutenstein: The undead, 3000 year old mummy boy king, which freaks him out a lot of the time, directly and indirectly.


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