Tutenstein's information is somehow accurate......

historical accuracy: gods

P1= Discription about the gods

In tutenstien there are many gods mentioned in it here are some examples

Set also known as seth

seth =

The Egyptian god of chaos, destruction, and disorder, and the main antagonist of the series. For thousands of years, Set has been condemned to the darkest pit of the Egyptian underworld. The reason for this is for his assault on his brother, Osiris. He dismembered Osiris and scattered his body parts across the world. Although Osiris was brought back together by his wife Isis, Osiris' son, Horus, confronted Set and exiled him to the pits of the Underworld

  • ra =

Ra is the god of the sun. He appears in some Tutenstein episodes.



P2= the role of the gods in tutenstein

  • the gods play a great role in tutenstein as it shows what they do and how they help peolpe in egypt. this teaches the kids that are watching this about the gods.