Tutenstein currently has 3 Seasons and a Movie. Most of these episodes can be found online on YouTube so you can sit back, relax, and watch Tutenstein, Cleo and Luxor in their adventures!

Season 1: 2003–2004

# Title Airdate
01 - 101 "The Awakening "
As lightning strikes in the museum, Cleo Carter, a pre-teen girl, brings a mummy back to life after chasing her cat, Luxor. Luxor acquires his power of speech here, and says that it's his duty to protect and aid the mummy, Tut. This is where they all become friends.
02 - 102 "The Curse of the Pharaoh "
A stranger named El Zabkar summons a crocodile god to go after Tut. Tut Cleo, and Luxor have to stop the stranger and the Ammut (the god) before it's too late.
03 - 103 "Clash of the Shabitis"
Cleo has some chores to do and she wants Tut to help. Tut, being lazy, decides to get shabitis (which are supposed to help the mummy in the Afterlife) to help her. The little mummy-helpers go out of control and Tut has to stop them.
04 - 104 "I Did it My Way"
Tut doesn't like the modern world. He finds it very uncomfortable.So Tut changes modern world back into ancient egypt. As usual, nothing goes as planned and everything gets out of control. Tut finds out that this Egypt doesn't work for him, either.
05 - 105 "The Boat of Millions of Years"
Tut wants to stay up late and watch movies with Cleo, so he asks an egyptian god to delay the sunrise. Then the god, Ra, gets into trouble, and time stops. Tut has to save him because he asked Ra to do it in the first place.
06 - 106 "The Powerful One"
When Tut gets angry after not getting his own pyramid, an egyptian god is automatically summoned, and goes on a rampage. Cleo and Tut have to stop her because she's kind of a danger.
07 - 107 "There's Something About Natasha"
Tut has a crush on Cleo's best friend, Natasha, so he summons Bess, the protector of children to put a love spell on her. The spell goes wrong and Tut has to choose whether he really loves her or it's just a small crush.
08 - 108 "The King of Memphis"
Tut wants to go to Memphis, Tennessee. While there, he gets angry when he sees other statues. He decides to leave from his body his parts of his body named Ka and Ba (his soul), but he must bring them back to his body by sun set.
09 - 109 "Roommates"
Tut moves in with Cleo, but Cleo starts to dislike it. Tut cheats her out of stuff she owns and bothers her. Meanwhile, Iris's father is baby-sitting Cleo while she's out of town.
10 - 110 "Ghostbusted"
Tut is caught cheating a game with an Egyptian god named Isis, so she summons a ghost to punish him. The ghost was a past friend of Tut's.
11 - 111 "Near Dead Experience"
Tut is worried that Cleo might die from Bronchitis. Because of this, he decides to get his own doctor to preserve her, the way he'd been preserved. (Tut doesn't get the concept of the cold.) This could have went better.
12 - 112 "The Unsafety Zone"
A new alarm system in the museum wakes Tut up, but after he breaks it, he lets two thieves get away. They steal the Crown of Geb because that artifact's alarm was annoying, thus switched off.
13 - 113 "Happy Coronation Day, Tutenstein"
Tut feels unappreciated for all the good deeds he is doing, so Cleo throws him a Coronation party. A slave of Set's comes to the party and steals something, thinking it was the Scepter of Was, which it was not. Tut had to go to the Underworld to get it back.

Season 2: 2004–2005

# Title Airdate
14 - 201 "Friends"
Tut befriends a couple of punks, and starts doing mischief around public. Cleo and Luxor tell him not to, but he does anyway. Because of this, he's brought to the Hall of Two Truths.
15 - 202 "Green-Eyed Mummy"
Tut becomes jealous of the new mammoth exhibit, so he sends it to the underworld.
16 - 203 "The Shadow Gobbler"
The shadows run free when Tut accidentally uses a scroll, this allows a shadow demon from the underworld to come to the overworld to eat the shadows, and Tut, Cleo, and Luxor have to get them back before the sun sets.
17 - 204 "Tut, Jr."
Tut meets Cleo's little cousin Thomas, while he is responsible for him at Cleo's house, he loses him in the underworld.
18 - 205 "Something Sphinx"
Luxor feels left out when Tut brings in a new baboon servant named Hedgewere.
19 - 206 "The Supreme Tut "
Tut brings alive two vikings to battle with, but he loses them in the city.
20 - 207 "Old Man Tut "
Tut hates being young, so when he breaks his ankh, the next day he turns into a teenager, then the next day he turns into an old man!
21 - 208 "Cleo's Catastrophe"
Tut uses a scroll which accidentally switches Cleo's and Luxor's body.
22 - 209 "Queen for a Day"
Cleo has to take Tut's place when he gets kidnapped by the underworld demons, and now it's up to Cleo and Luxor to save him.
23 - 210 "Day of the Undead"
When Tut learns about Trick or Treating, he decides to join Cleo and her friends, while the event, Tut summons a demon from the underworld to scare Cleo's friends.
24 - 211 "Procras-Tut-nation"
Tut his having so much fun on Cleo's skateboard, that he'll miss the sed festival in the underworld.
25 - 212 "Behdety Late Than Ever"
Tut cranks up the heat at the museum, allowing bills to pile up, so Behdety calls a salesperson to save money, little does he know that he is was stealing the museum artifacts, allowing Behdety to be framed and sent to jail.
26 - 213 "Walter the Brain "
Tut enchants a spell that allows Walter to become smarter. However, this angers Thoth, who believes Walter used his scrolls.

Season 3: 2006–2007

# Title Airdate
27 - 301 "The Comeback Kid"
Tut uses the Egyptian ankh to make him flesh and blood again, but the spell backfires and the dinosaur in the museum is brought back to life.
28 - 302 "The Truth Hurts"
Tut insults some ancient gods, allowing him to be cut-off.
29 - 303 "Was Not Was"
Tut misplaces his Scepter.
30 - 304 "Rest in Pieces"
Tut separates his body parts to do many activities at once, but his body part gets dispersed into many places and now it's up to Luxor and Cleo to find him.
31 - 305 "Tut the Defender"
Tut bring two vikings back to life to battle them.
32 - 306 "Irresistible You"
Cleo's childhood enemy, Katie, comes back to take Jake. So Tut asks Isis to cast a love spell, but it goes out of control.
33 - 307 "Fearless"
Tut tries to prove that he is fearless, but he leaves a portal to the Underworld open, allowing a fire demon to escape and go on a rampage.
34 - 308 "Sleepless in Sarcophagus"
Tut gets a snake named Fang to make him sleep again, but it is a demon from the underworld that is possessing the snake.
35 - 309 "Spells and Sleepovers"
Tut dresses as a girl to enter Cleo's slumber party.
36 - 310 "UnPharaoh"
A scorpion bracelet possesses Dr. Vanderwhelle and Cleo tries to prove that Tut was a pharaoh after his title has been changed.
37 - 311 "Tut's Little Problem"
After using a scroll to make himself big, Tut shrinks and has to find a way to make himself big.
38 - 312 "Keep Your Wandering Eye to Yourself"
Tut gets jealous of Cleo's life outside the museum so he plans to spy on her.
39 - 313 "Into the Past"
Cleo uses the mirror of Isis to go back to ancient Egypt to find out what really happened to her father.

TV film

# Title Airdate
40 "Tutenstein: Clash of the Pharaohs"
Series Finale. Tut has nightmares about his death so he uses the mirror of Isis to go back to ancient Egypt to prevent his death from happening, but the artifact is stolen by a thief. Cleo, Luxor and Tut go back to Egypt only finding out that it is a thousand years after Tut's death so he, Luxor, and Cleo get followed by a stranger named Kwmonwati, who crowns Cleo after mistaking her for a pharaoh. Kwmonwati plans to take the mirror of Isis with him but fails. Cleo meets the real Cleopatra and Luxor, Cleo, and Tut finally gets home. Tut now knows how he died.
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